Bigg Boss 10: Rohan Mehra And Manveer Get Into Verbal Fight Over Om Swami!


Tonight Om Swami will be seen competing with VJ Bani to become the new captain of the house. Yes, Bani and Om Swami will be seen fighting for the captaincy. As earlier we revealed, there will be two pyramids made of blocks having the picture of each contender in the garden area. The housemates have to hit. In order to make their favourite contestant win, housemates will throw smiley balls at the pyramid of the opponent from the given borderline.

No task is complete without fight and arguments and so, this task too witnessed an argument between Manveer and Rohan Mehra. In order to support VJ Bani, Rohan vigorously throws smiley balls at Swami Om’s blocks. At one point, all the blocks of Om swami fall on the ground. However, in aggression, Rohan gets drifted from the rules of the game and starts prompting which leaves Manveer annoyed.

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Manveer then asks Rohan to only support his favourite by throwing balls and that he can’t do anything else. This leaves Rohan highly miffed and he shouts that he will do what he wants to do and that no one can stop him. Lopamudra also steps in their arguments and in support of Manveer she tells Rohan that he should support who he wants to but he can’t hurt someone else. Rohan gives a bang on reply to Lopamudra saying she isn’t sure whom she is supporting but making comments!

The game is getting serious and well, by now everyone is aware that post this captaincy task, Om Swami was thrown out of the house for throwing his pee on Rohan and VJ Bani.

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