Bigg Boss 10 Weekend Ka Vaar: VJ Bani’s Shocking Reaction At Manu Punjabi After He Accused Her!


As we saw in the last episode, captaincy task between Manveer and Gaurav Chopra created a lot of chaos in the house. Bigg Boss had introduced a captaincy task between the two and the one who successfully complete the task, will be the new captain of the house. Both contenders had to paint the same canvas with their respective color, yellow for Manveer and blue for Gaurav. The color, which is more visible on the canvas becomes the winner.

Manveer does his task in an aggressive manner while Gaurav continues to do the task calmly. The task starts getting rather aggressive and Manveer slips and falls, hurting himself. The housemates immediately took Manveer to confession room where the doctor gave immediate first aid to him. Amid all these, for a few minutes, Gaurav continued doing his task until Bigg Boss asked him to stop. This did not go well with Lopa, Manu, Mona Lisa and other housemates.

In the upcoming episode of Weekend ka vaar, you will see Lopamudra complaining to Salman Khan that how Gaurav did not show humanity and continued playing task despite Manveer was hurt badly, Manu too raises his voice and says that Gaurav and his team already did planning, plotting and that Bani has become the leader of their game.

After Manu blamed Bani for everything, Bani‘s reaction made Manu go speechless and she did not spare him this time. CLICK NEXT TO WATCH HOW SHE REACTED TO THIS!