Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Frustrated VJ Bani Takes A Major Step In The House!

Staying locked inside Bigg Boss 10 house for months with same people is quite a big deal. The equations inside the house change with each passing day and apparently, Bani and Gaurav Chopra’s friendship has turned bitter. Bani and Gaurav have been getting into arguments during each task and that has not ended well between them.


Our source EXCLUSIVELY revealed to us, Bani is quite upset with everyone in the house and is spending time alone. From having her breakfast to lunch and dinner, Bani has isolated herself from everyone in the house. In fact, she has stopped talking to her good friend Gaurav Chopra also. This behaviour of her has come after she was banned from using the gym of the house.

As earlier we revealed, Bigg Boss had given a golden opportunity to Priyanka and Manu to rule the house from the secret room itself. Bigg Boss introduced a new task for the week in which the housemates were asked questions. Each of them had to lock their answers through a poll but the decision of every question was taken only by Manu and Priyanka, which housemates were not aware of.

One of the questions read, “Bani Ko Gym Ka Istemaal Karene Se Turant Ban Kar Diya jaaeye- Yes/No? (Should Bani be banned from using the gym?) As expected, Manu and Priyanka Jagga mutually decided to answer “Yes”, which means she can’t use the gym.

Well, taking away the gym from her did not go well with Bani and she slammed housemates for doing so but the truth is, Manu and Priyanka Jagga have banned her from using the gym.

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