Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Manu Makes Biggest Mistake In Secret Task, Rohan Becomes King!


In the last episode, after much of struggle to impress Sunny Leone and to win nomination task, Lopamudra’s team won the task while Gaurav, Rahul, Nitibha, Bani, and Manveer are in danger zone for this week’s eviction.  That’s not all, we EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Bigg Boss introduced luxury budget task, ‘Gold Mines’  The garden area of the house has been converted into a gold mine. The housemates will be the workers of the task while Rohan will play the king of the land.

Yes, the housemates have to dig in gold mines and handover to King Rohan, who will treasure them in a box. If Rohan successfully manages to complete the task and get all the gold mines, his captaincy will be extended for a week. In order to win the task, Rohan puts all his efforts and also chooses to sleep beside the treasure box through the night while the rest of the contestants slept inside the house.

On the other hand, Bigg Boss has given a secret task to Lopamudra and Manu. The two have to steal half of the gold mines from Rohan’s treasure box without anyone knowing about it.  And if they are successful in doing that, Manu and Lopa will be nominated for the coming captaincy task.

Well, this task is going to create a lot of drama inside the house but Manu has done the biggest mistake of revealing about his secret task to Mona, Manveer, and Om Swami. He went to them and discussed the secret task in order to get help from them, which is against the rule of the task. Now it remains to see what action Bigg Boss will take and that how housemates will react to the same.

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