Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Post Luxury Budget Task, Bigg Boss Gives A Huge Punishment To Nitibha And Om Swami

The first two days of the week have been very tough for Bigg Boss 10 contestants after their personal belongings and luggage were taken away for the luxury budget task. The housemates were also not allowed to use bathrooms. The luxury budget task was divided into two teams, one of Rohan and other of Monalisa. Not just that, housemates was given sack clothes to wear throughout the task.

The task witnessed lots of drama, fights, and arguments among both the teams. The fight between Manveer and Rohan went ugly that Bigg Boss had to interrupt and sort their differences. Amid everything, Om Swami was in the limelight throughout the task as he ignored to participate in the task in order to let Manu’s team lose. Well, at the end only one team can win and Rohan’s team was declared as the winner of the luxury budget task.

Also, we Exclusively reveal, the losing team had to choose two worst performers of the task and guess who turned the targets this time? None other than Om Swami and Nitibha Kaul became the worst performers of the task. The housemates were given a special treat of burgers by Bigg Boss but being worst performers, Om Swami and Nitibha Kaul were not allowed to eat. Poor guys!

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