Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Post Marriage, Monalisa And Vikrant Get A Huge Surprise And It’s Not Eviction!


So as we all know, Bigg Boss 10 contestant Monalisa is finally married to her longtime boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot. It was beyond anyone’s expectation that Bigg Boss will take the responsibility of getting Mona married to her beau with all the required traditions. Monalisa has surely found happiness in the most unexpected place. Don’t you think?

Tonight, all the housemates will be seen totally dipped into the joy of Monalisa and Vikrant Singh Rajpoot getting married. Dressed in traditional outfits, the contestants play perfect family to the couple. While you are waiting to catch Monalisa’s wedding on tonight’s episode, we bring some EXCLUSIVE details about what happened after their marriage. Well, Bigg Boss gives another yet surprise to the couple after their marriage, which the housemates are not aware of. Any guesses what it is?

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We EXCLUSIVELY reveal Bigg Boss created “Honeymoon setup” in the secret room of Bigg Boss 10 house. The couple was asked to spend their wonderful and special day in the secret room. Ok, we don’t know what happened then in the secret room and we are free to assume!

Also, Monalisa is all set to enter the house again today from the secret room to perform the tasks while Vikrant Singh Rajpoot will be moving outside. Probably back home! Well, Mona has to get back in the house for the luxury budget task and now it remains to see what more surprises Bigg Boss has in its store.

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