Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: You Won’t Believe How Salman Khan Reacted To Rohan Mehra And Om Swami’s Slap Incident!


This week of Bigg Boss 10 was another dramatic and entertaining one. Last week, Priyanka Jagga had solely taken over the show with her nasty attitude and this week, it’s none other than Om Swami. As we saw in the last episode, Om Swami with his nasty strategies harassed housemates during the captaincy task “Toofan”. If that was not enough, he went ahead to instigate Rohan Mehra by spoiling his captaincy game. Om Swami crossed all the limits and this had left Rohan Mehra furious. Rohan went ahead and pushed Om Swami strongly. As a punishment, Bigg Boss then nominated Rohan for the entire season. Well, while Bigg Boss handled the situation in their own way, star host Salman Khan had a different way to react to the Om Swami and Rohan’s incident.

We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Salman Khan did not react to Om Swami and Rohan’s incident as a big deal but the actor handled the situation in a very calm way. Want to know what Salman Khan said to Rohan for pushing Om swami?