Major Return After the #MeToo Controversy

Veteran Nana Patekar has added some remarkable movies to Bollywood as his contribution to cinema and has earned a considerable fan following over the years. The gem of the industry is back with a banger: The Confession.  His distinct and powerful acting technique will once again bless the silver screen!

Patekar says in Hindi, “I have seen the face of truth, even heard its voice. I know the truth but won’t accept it. I am ready to give up my life for it.” According to the trailer, the story concentrates around a courtroom scene in which Nana will be present to confess the crime that he may or may not have done. The fact that he is sitting in the judge’s chair with an intense expression debunks the notion that it is about something serious and sensitive.

Nana Patekar was accused of sexually assaulting a co-star on the set of Horn OK Please on March 26, 2008, and was reported in 2018. This is his first film since the 2018 MeToo controversy. Later, Mumbai Police filed a B-summary report with a metropolitan magistrate court in Andheri, exclaiming there was no evidence to support the complaint. According to the police, the presumed victim’s claims against Nana were “false and vindictive in nature.”

Leaving aside the Bollywood undertones, it will be interesting to observe how the audience welcomes the star’s return.

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