Pakistan To Ban Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10?


On Thursday, the Indian motion picture producers’ association (IMPPA) banned Pakistani actors and technicians from working in Bollywood. The association made it clear that actors who have already shot for the films, may not face any problem. The big decision was taken after political party, MNS demanded Pakistani actors to leave the country in 48 hours after the Uri terror attack. Actors including Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan and Ali Zafar were asked to leave the country in the given time or they will be pushed out.

Zindagi channel – the first to syndicate content from Pakistan and air it in India, is also banning to telecast the shows In India.

On the other hand, Pakistani theatres have decided to ban the release of Bollywood films in their country. Though the official statement from their side is yet to be made, reportedly, the ban is so far an initiative taken by cinema owners and not the government. According to what we hear, they are planning to black out every Indian content from TV channels and DVDs.

Renowned Pakistani filmmaker Jami was quoted saying, “There are Indian drama serials playing on TV all the time and you have DVD shops selling Indian films. Why just target cinema? If you want a ban, just ban all Indian content.”

Well, if this is the case, Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10 will not be telecast in Pakistani. Many Pakistanis on twitter have raised their views to ban Bigg Boss in their country as India has banned their actors from working here.