Video: Yuvraj Thakur CAUGHT Kissing Bigg Boss 10’s VJ Bani In A Live Chat!


Bigg Boss 10 first runner-up VJ Bani and her boyfriend Yuvraj Thakur had managed to keep their relationship under wraps for a long. But during her stay inside the house, Bani accidently revealed her boyfriend Yuvraj’s name and that’s how it turned out to be a no more secret. Well, post-Bigg Boss, Yuvraj, and Bani have openly expressed their love for each other and are also seen sharing videos and photos of them together on their social media accounts.

Yesterday, Bani and Yuvraj together went LIVE on Instagram and the two had a fun conversation with their fans. The handsome Yuvraj joined Bani on her Instagram LIVE and in no time, fans went into a tizzy. Soon messages started pouring and fans started expressing their love for the two. But just when Bani was about to end the LIVE chat, Yuvraj bent towards her to kiss. Immediately, Bani stopped Yuvraj and said, “Wait we are still live.”.

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Oops! We missed that cute and lovey-dovey moment of them! We just can’t stop gushing about this cute couple. Well, Yuvraj is amazing a writer and keeps sharing cryptic Instagram posts that talks about love, live and much more. It’s very cute to see the way Yuvraj expresses his love for VJ Bani in meaningful words. Don’t you think?

Watch Yuvraj kissing Bani in the live video: