Watch: Exclusive Bigg Boss 10 The Big Secret Of Priyanka Jagga Rohan Mehra Will Leave You In A SHOCK!


The new luxury budget task, “Raaz” has created fights and insecurities among the housemates. As soon as the task was introduced, fights and insecurities came to the fore. While the task is going on, commoners of the house are enjoying being “maaliks” of the house and are continuing to trouble the housemates. One of the troublemakers is Priyanka Jagga. Priyanka Jagga, being at her cunning best, continues to reprimand the sevaks and forces them to follow her orders.

We give an exclusive sneak peek about Rohan Mehra and Priyanka Jagga‘s ugly fight, that lead to many secrets out. While everyone was about to sleep at night, Priyanka ordered Rohan to get a glass of water for her. Due to their ugly fight that happened in the day, Rohan forced a glass of water to Priyanka, which created a new fight between them.
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