Watch: Manu Punjabi Goes Live With His Fiancée Piku, Introduces His Fans To Rajasthani Culture!


The Bigg Boss 10 has been an amazing journey for Manu Punjabi, who participated on the reality show as a commoner. Manu surely had a wonderful, roller coaster journey inside the house and successfully made it to top 4 along with VJ Bani, Manveer Gurjar, and Lopamudra Raut. After reaching to top 4, Manu quit the game with a choice by taking Rs 10 Lacs that was offered by Bigg Boss to all the finalists during the grand finale. Well, Manu surely made a right decision. Now, post show, Manu interacted live with his fans for the first time yesterday.

Through the live chat, Manu introduced to all his friends and fiancé Priya aka Piku. He also entertained his fans by introducing to the Rajasthani culture, his fiancé, his car and everything around. He also tried to reply his fans during the live chat. After a long live chat, Manu Punjabi also promised all his fans to interact with them again through live chat on Facebook.

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Watch the video below:

Manu Punjabi’s winner friend Manveer Gurjar as we all know is hogging all the limelight after his historic win against VJ Bani. A day after the grand finale, Manveer became a talk of the town for all the wrong reasons despite winning the show. To all the ignorant, Manveer had hidden his wedding during his stay inside the house and also has a little daughter. After her refused to accept the claim, Manveer yesterday released an official video where he revealed that he married in 2014 under family’s pressure. He also revealed that he got separated from his wife after 6 months of their marriage. This came as a huge shock to everyone including all Manveer’s Bigg Boss 10 co-contestants.

Before Manveer came out with the truth, his bestie Manu Punjabi was asked if he was aware of the secret marriage. Manu had said, “Look, what can you do to someone (Read: Manveer) who has already decided what to say and do in the show? We were all playing a game and Manveer had his own set of cards,” and then added, “No, Manveer did not tell even me that he has a wife. If he had told me, it would have been captured by the cameras and Colors wouldn’t have edited spicy stuff.”

He added, “I would like to comment on his wedding but not before I have checked with him. He is a very good friend of mine.”

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