Amber Rose Supports Kim Kardashian’s Selfie, Targets Beyoncé

[tps_footer]Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian were at loggerheads once upon a time. However, the two glamorous divas have now buried all the differences and are at cordial terms with each other. There was a time when Amber and Kim could not stand each other’s sight and were termed as rivals. Nevertheless, to everyone’s surprise Amber has now come in support of Kim Kardashian’s selfie.


Kim’s bold selfie stole all the limelight lately. The selfie which was posted by Kardashian on International Women’s Day was the talk of the town by all means. Singer Miley Cyrus also targeted Kim for her selfie urging people not to make such a big issue out of it. The pop star Miley also added that there were many other important things which needed attention.


Even with all the criticism loaded upon the selfie, Amber Rose has come forward in support of Kim. The model and actress expressed that Kim looked beautiful in the selfie and she is a great mother too. Amber further said that people feel that she and Kim are not good mothers because Kim had a se* tape in the past and she herself (Amber) was an ex stri*per.

Amber targeted Beyoncé indirectly by questioning that is it okay to stand bold on the stage and sing. Amber Rose who is up front with her words concluded by saying that they are all women and all are equal, no one is greater.[/tps_footer]

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