Avengers Infinity War Trailer Out: We Have So Many Questions

Avengers Infinity War

The much-awaited trailer of Marvel’s Avenger’s Infinity War has finally released and we have so many questions!

This is not a drill. We repeat this is not a drill! The much-awaited trailer of Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War has finally been unveiled.  Directed by the dynamic duo— Joe and Anthony Russo, this Marvel movie features… well, everyone. All the major Marvel Cinematic Universe characters are present in the trailer.

The Infinity War trailer has come after four months of long wait. Earlier at the San Diego Comic-Con, the Marvel panel had shown the fans an exclusive footage from the film. Most of us (all of us), were not fortunate enough to be present at the event and see the footage. To soothe the pain months later Marvel released a teaser trailer. The teaser trailer featured clips from all the Marvel movies’ trailers with fans reacting to them. Since then the struggle to hold ourselves has been real! We were ready to shout, “Release the trailer already!”
And it seems Marvel has heard our internal scream and released the trailer!

The Avengers Infinity War trailer is mind-blowing! Might we say that it almost makes the wait worth it? The trailer brings all the Marvel universes together. Doctor Strange and Wong meet Tony Stark a.k.a Ironman along with Bruce Banner.  While watching the trailer we had many questions.

Why is Tony looking so dejected? Where did Bruce fall from? Is he in the New York’s Sanctum Sanctorum? How in the Valhalla did Vision turn into a human? What battles is Thor talking about? When did Natasha Romanoff colour her hair? What is that round thing floating the sky? Is it another interdimensional portal? Why is Loki walking through a sea of corpses? Did he just summon Thanos? Loki do you not remember what happened the last time you had the Tesseract?! Thor! What are you doing?! Who or What did Steve Rogers just save Wanda Maximoff from? What’s that huge thing falling and planning itself on the ground? Oh, there are so many more! Another spaceship? Or is it an alien weapon?  What that alien creature that the Black Panther fighting? Who in the hell choke slammed Spiderman?! Is that Thanos with Vision? Is that Wakanda?

We were not joking about the bit of having questions. These were only some of the questions that rose in our mind while watching the trailer.

Avengers Infinity War releases in the United States on April 25, 2018. The Indian release date has not been announced yet.  This trailer has shed light on so many little questions that we previously had.

Watch the trailer here:

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