Brad Pitt Is Resorting To This After His Divorce With Angelina Jolie

Divorces can be tough and if it involves custody of children, it can get even worse. Brad Pitt seems to have found a different way to cope up with this loss in his life.

Reportedly, Pitt is undergoing extensive plastic surgery to help him cope with his divorce and custody battle against actress Angelina Jolie.

“(Pitt’s) done fillers, Botox, and peels, plus had his eyes tweaked. He feels like death inside, but he’ll be damned if he’ll look like anything but a million bucks on the outside,” a source was quoted saying.

The source added further that Pitt also had a facelift, but his “relatives are worried over the surgery” and “telling him, ‘Stop messing with your face!’”

Though this hasn’t be confirmed or denied by Fury actor himself or his representatives, contrary reports suggest that the news is completely false.

Watch this space for more news and updates.

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