Chris Pratt : I love The Cinema That Comes Out Of India


Stars of soon to be released movie ‘PassengersChris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence is very excited to visit India. Chris Pratt recent said in an interview that ‘I love the cinema that comes out of India’.

Seems like the duo already has set plans for their India visit. These stars are thoughtful about their visit to India. They have shown immense excitement for our culture and enormous ethnicity. For which Lawrence quoted, “I would love to visit India. India is really vast and I would love to experience it,” Pratt, too expressed excitement of visiting India and said, “I would love to go to India. I think that’s our next vacation. I want to go and check it out. It’s such a huge, huge nation, so many people, such a beautiful place.” Chris also added that he loves the cinema that comes out of India.

The actor said he anticipates his visit to India would be for holiday and not for work and comments, “I feel like I have gotten glimpses into India but I haven’t been able to get there. So I would like to go.” Also he adds, “If we came there to promote (a movie), that will be one thing but when you are on work you never get to experience any of the culture. So probably it will be vacation,”

So are we all set for the reel “Passengers” duo Jeniffer Lawrence and Chris Pratt to be Indian passengers soon. This has certainly build up the delight for our debut Indian visitors.

Passengers is all set to hit the theatres in India on 6th January 2017 in 3D in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.