Douglas Smith Was Petrified After Reading The Bye Bye Man’s Script


We often see that actors start living their characters, but very rarely it happens that the movie leaves a strong impression on the actors even before they start shooting for it. Something like this happened with Douglas Smith, who will be seen in PVR Pictures’ soon to be release horror movie ‘The Bye Bye Man’.

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Smith, who plays the lead character Elliot, had a strong reaction to the script. The actor comments, “I couldn’t survive The Bye Bye Man. I don’t think anybody could survive and that’s terrifying truth that the characters realize as well. I mean, this movie really plays on my neurosis. I remember when I was auditioning for the movie, I was staying alone at a friend’s house. I started reading the script and did the thing where I barricaded myself in the guest room and just didn’t leave until the sun came up.”

Get ready for a horrifying experience with The Bye Bye Man on January 20, 2017 at a theatre near you!