Friends: Matthew Perry And Matt LeBlanc aka Joey- Chandler Spotted In London For Real!


Matthew-Perry-And-Matt-LeBlanc-aka-JoeyFriends fans have something to cherish about. Actors Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc were recently spotted in London together. The reunion of these two guys surely brings back the memories of the good old times. We all surely remember how Joey and Chandler visited London in the series Friends.

It so happened that Matthew Perry was performing at West End and bestie Matt also landed up there to catch the show. The two handsome buddies then caught up and it was a sight to remember. Their meeting immediately found a way to the social networking sites and created a rage amongst the fans.

Matt LeBlanc took to the photo sharing app Instagram and posted their picture captioning it, “Went to see The End If Longing last night and ran into this dude. He and the cast were great. Way to go bro.”

The fans were extremely delighted as soon as Matt uploaded this picture. Some of the comments on the photograph read

“ I had with you two together, the biggest lesson of friendship of my childhood, adolescence and adult and will continue taking in old age, because friends is timeless.”

“wow, i love you guys! #Friends 🙂 Joey & Chandler”

“LONDON BABY…bringing fam together”

“Its scary to see them grow old”

“Awww.. I love Joey and Chandler”

Matthew Perry was the only one from the Friends cast who was not present at the recent reunion. The sitcom still has a large fan following and we hope there are many more reunions!