Game Of Thrones SPOILERS Ahead!

Game Of Thrones SPOILERS Ahead!

The second episode of Game of Thrones released and it has wreaked havoc with the fans.

The popular TV show Game of Thrones is said to be one of the most watched series on TV right now. The show is filled with crime, suspense and romance and is known for its bold story content.

Creator George R.R Martin bases the TV series on the book ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’. The show has gained popularity with its audience for its storyline and interesting theme.

While the show is currently in its seventh season, the audiences are all the more eager to see what happens next.

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The first episode showed Arya planning to kill the Queen and even ends up telling her plans to fellow soldiers. British singer Ed Sheeran was seen doing a cameo in this episode singing campfire songs and drinking. They laugh it off but fail to release she is serious about her mission.

It is only until she meets her friend Hot Pie who tells all what she has missed, Arya decided to change her plans. Arya then moves to go up north to Winterfell and meet her favourite brother.

She comes across a pack of wolves and recognizes the leader. The reappearance of Arya Stark was anticipated but the surprise entry of Nymeria, Arya Stark’s direwolf who was in the first season was not.

It’s Nymeria! Her friend and savior, the same wolf who helped Arya escape when Cersei was planning to kill her.

The reunion is very touching. Arya went on to ask Nymeria to come with her saying “I’m finally going home; come with me“ but Nymeria turns away indicating a refusal to her offer. Arya responds with a “That’s not you.”

The scene is flashback to the season one of ‘Game of Thrones’ when Ned and Arya have a similar conversation, about her future duties. Arya had replied, “That’s not me”.

Nymeria is now the leader of the wolves, and thus chooses to not go with Arya. The scene is considered as a painful reminder of the challenges coming ahead and how Arya has to make tough choices. We hope we see more of Nymeria and Arya’s friendship in this season.

This ‘Game of Thrones’ scene was intense and shook the fans who made the connection. Here are some reactions of fans over social media.

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