Harry Potter Is A Devil With Thorns

daniel 03  [tps_footer]Daniel Redcliffe, it seems is ready to do anything to shake off the Harry Potter image and it is kind of getting desperate now. After featuring in mostly dark films from Black Widow to others, he will soon be seen as a Devil with thorns. Recently, the first trailer of his upcoming movie Thorns was released which apparently has him on the wrong side of law.

The film is a big screen adaptation of Joe Hill’s book by the same name. The film will see Redcliffe playing a man who wakes up after a drunken night with horns on his head and accused of raping and killing his girlfriend. Confused and scared, the man tries to make sense of such happenings around his life and realizes that he has powers, courtesy the thorns. That leads him to the truth and an eventual revenge.

We wonder how the audience will accept him as a Devil after watching him lay his life for the good and fight the evil in Harry Potter films. It is ready to release on October 31 and then we will know the audience’s verdict.[/tps_footer] 

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