Huge Twist Tn The Murder Trial Of April Jace As Michael Jace Pleads Not Guilty


michael jace mainThis is a huge twist in the murder trial of April Jace as Michael Jace, pleads not guilty to murder charge in shooting his wife.

Michael Jace didn’t object when a judge forbid any contact with the two young sons who were in the family’s house when he allegedly shot their mom he sat slumped over and silent in a yellow jail uniform after pleading not guilty to murdering his wife April Jace last month.

The judge’s protective order prohibits Michael Jace from calling or writing to his minor sons Caleb Jace, who is five years old and Nehemiah Jace, who is eight, while he’s in custody, and even if Michael Jace manages to get bail then he will have to stay at least hundred yards away from his sons.

“Mr. Michael Jace is constantly thinking about the well-being of his children. He’s praying for them. Everything is about his concern for his children,” Jace’s lead lawyer Jason O. Sias said.

Best known for playing a cop in The Shield, Michael Jace was given an August 01, 2014 date for his preliminary hearing. His lawyers were ordered to return without him on July 15, 2014 for a status hearing.

Michael Jace was arrested on May 19, 2014 and formally charged with murder three days later. His wife April Jace, was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds in a hallway at their Los Angeles house after the veteran actor reportedly called 911 and admitted he was the culprit.

“My son-in-law, Michael Jace, called me and texted me and said come get the kids because he shot April, our daughter,” states April Jace‘s father.