International Singer Adele Expresses Her Desire To Be A Surrogate Mother For This Couple


[tps_footer]Stunningly melodious and Oscar-winning singer Adele has proved again and again to be the most loved singer of this planet and sweet Adele continues to get love and appreciation from every part of this world. She always comes across a lot of love from her fans who love sharing their sweet moments with Adele. It’s like Adele treats her fans literally as an extended family and she barely maintains that kind of a rapport which usually stars do, ‘keep a safe distance’ policy is mostly followed by all the Hollywood, Bollywood stars and it continues till regional cinema. But, Adele proved herself different from the league of stars even after being a part of them. She is a lovely human and a fantastic singer and she brought out her loving side yet again during a recent show she was a part of and it turned out to be a shocking moment for all, yes pleasantly-shocking!


While Adele was performing on stage she spotted a gay couple wearing different and funky shades so she tried asking them about it but one of them named Andre Soderberg ended up going down on his knee to propose his partner Simon Carlsson not with a solitaire but with a plastic ring. High prices are killing all of us! Keeping this fun alive Adele jokingly said it’s amazing and if in future this gay couple plans to have children then Adele would love to be their surrogate as she always wanted to have a baby with a Swedish. Wow! Hilarious and bold expressions and what else can we expect? Worldwide artists are known to be bold and full of witty comments, opinions and Adele proved to be a thorough gay marriage supporter and cherry on the cake she doesn’t even mind being a surrogate.


Adele said she was kidding but we all know a lot of times we say a lot of things which we actually mean but we tag it as ‘just kidding.’ Is it the same case here?[/tps_footer]