Justin Bieber Assaults Neighbour With Eggs, Gets Charged


justin bieber - 01[tps_footer]Justin Bieber has been constantly in the news for all the legal issues that the pop star has been embroiled into. Justin Bieber will be charged with one count of misdemeanor vandalism in connection with a January 09, 2014, egg assault on his former neighbor’s house in Calabasas, Calif., the Los Angeles County District Attorney said.

Spokeswoman Jane Robison says the singer will not be present for the 01:30 p.m. arraignment at Superior Court in Van Nuys.

The neighbour claimed that Justin Bieber hurled at least a dozen raw eggs at the ritzy roost, causing more than $10,000 damage to its pricey plaster and imported wood exterior.

Investigators pushed for a felony prosecution after a dozen deputies raided Justin Bieber’s former party palace on January 14, 2014 and obtained surveillance video that didn’t show the actual egging but supported witness statements. Also the cops raided Justin Bieber’s former home on January, 2014.

Surveillance footage seized from the home appears to show Bieber high fiving friends and celebrating after throwing eggs at his neighbour’s home, police said. The pop star could have faced a more serious felony charge if the damage to the home was greater than $20,000 (£11,670).

Justin Bieber is also facing a third criminal case up in Canada after cops booked him January 29, 2104 for allegedly assaulting a limo driver in December 2013.

Justin Bieber’s legal woes shifted into high gear January 23, 2104 when he was pulled over in a loaner Lamborghini in Miami Beach and taken into custody for resisting arrest.[/tps_footer]