Kim Kardashian Gets Frantic, Find Out Why!



The Kardashians are making news again. Yes, this glamorous family sure loves paparazzi!

Well, what started at a sweet little family trip turned out to be a scary nightmare for..err ..our dear Kim Kardashian.

It so happened that the Kardashians were on a family trip to Disneyland this week for Nori’s third birthday and Kourtney  decided to take Kim with her on the park’s classic ‘Tower of Terror’ ride and this is where the whole ruckus started. Apparently Kim did not just squeak, she absolutely loathed the ride. Kim hated it and well she got extremely scared and  started screaming and cussing all over the place.

What a sight!  She is now definitely the Kardashian who gets hysterical on coasters. Haha.

Sadly for her, the video has been uploaded to Instagram and that is not a very pretty sight. We are afraid she might just cry at the thought of it. That does seem like a little fun already.

Leaving all that aside, we totally understand the frantic behaviour Kim, it’s okay. Try something not so scary the next time maybe?