Maze Runner The Death Cure Trailer: Dylan O’Brien Tries To Save The World!

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Dylan O’Brien is back with the Maze Runner. This time he’s saving the world in The Death Cure!

Maze Runner: The Death Cure is back and it is all about saving humanity and Dylan O’Brien is the only one who can do it! The Death Cure is the third movie in the Maze Runner franchise. Prequel being ‘Maze Runner’ (2014), the sequel being ‘Maze Runner: The Scorch Trails’ (2015).

The Maze Runner franchise is based on a dystopian sci-fi book series ‘Maze Runner’ written by American author James Dashner. Just like its cinematic variant, The Death Cure is the final book in the Maze Runner trilogy. Although the book series has two prequel novels— The Kill Order and The Fever Code. As well as a companion book— The Maze Runner Files.

In the trailer, we hear a voice saying, ‘We’re running out of time. You’ve seen what’s happening out there!” That’s a cue for a daylight robbery of train coach to be done. We see Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) stealing a train coach and participating in a gunfight!

In The ‘Death Cure’, we see Thomas and the rest of the Gladers trying to take down the WICKED organization by penetrating Last City. A maze-like city controlled by the organization. The motive of the movie: to save the city’s children from being used as test subjects for experimentation. Test for what you ask? WICKED is hoping to find a cure to a virus that is slowing killing off humanity.

Now, that leaves Thomas with a choice. To either save those being held in captivity inside the Last City or save his friends.

Apart from Dylan O’Brien, ‘The Death Cure’ also features Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and Giancarlo Esposito. Walton Goggins will be making his debut in the movie as Lawrence.

of the Right Arm, Lawrence is described as a part-revolutionary, part-anarchist, and a voice for the voiceless people.

The initially the movie was set for its February 2017 release. But due to injuries suffered by the lead actor Dylan O’Brien on the sets, the filming was delayed. Now, ‘The Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ arrives in the United States on January 26, 2018. As for its Indian release no date has been announced as of yet.

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