Michael Jackson’s A Place With No Name Debuts On Twitter


michael jackson mainMichael Jackson wasn’t just a musician par excellence but a role model for millions. His songs, his style, his panache…there isn’t anything that people didn’t emulate and follow. Even after his sad demise, people remember him every day. Owing to the same craze, a posthumous video was uploaded on Twitter today morning for his fans, A Place With No Name’.

New York Fans caught the video on the enormous Sony Screen in Times Square. The video begins on a beach, then shifts to a desert, with back and white images of MJ and a dancer ingested at regular intervals.

MJ croons, “I walked down towards the end of the road, and in the fog a woman appeared/S he said don’t you worry my friend I’ll take care, take my hand, I’ll take you there.”

The visuals then turns into color which has behind-the-scenes footage of the singer. The footages were shot for In The Closet and was in a vault since 1992.

Have you heard the song yet? Hit Twitter and get embalmed by Michael Jackson‘s magic.

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