More Real Than Human: Passengers Gets The Technology Right!!


With sci-fi films riding so much on technology and technique, the creators have to make sure it seems real. And in this case, Passengers has hit the perfect mark! The Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt starrer has created ripples with every look of the film that has been released so far. Not only is the sizzling chemistry between JLaw and Pratt the talk of the town, movie aficionados are going gaga over the wondrous technology used.

Michael Sheen, one of the robots, and the bartender in the film, is half an Android and half human. But to give the real sci-fi feel to the actors and audience, the half Android or the rig, as they call it, was custom created!

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Michael Sheen says “It’s sort of a machine which was on a track, operated by a computer. And I kneel into that and there is a bicycle seat that I sit on. I didn’t want to do anything in a rig in the beginning, I felt I would be restricted. Then at times I had to do some shots, when I am not in the rig, it felt odd. Rig just became the part of the character

Also we hear that, some special robots were created in as short as two to three weeks, so that the actors could see something that they can interact with in some of the required scenes. These robots amazed Chris Pratt too and he says “They were awesome, it was really incredible to watch them.

Watch the sci-fi vibe of Passenger get real in the most awaited New Year start.
Passengers is all set to hit the theatres in India on 6th January 2017 in 3D in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.