One Direction Band To Separate In 2016?


One Direction has been making news every now and then for its twists and turns in the band. However, this time it’s not just one member making headlines, in fact it’s the whole band. One Direction gained all the eye balls when Zayn Malik decided to call it quits, Zayn’s separation from the band came as a shock to everyone, and the topic still is a talk amongst many.

Well the rumors suggest that apparently the One Direction stars may part ways with the band next year i.e. 2016. It is much in news that the four members of the band have decided to part away for a period of one year in order to pursue their own solo projects. Zayn the former member of One Direction also parted ways with the band as he wanted to go ahead with his solo career.

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One Direction’s last released track Drag Me Down made much news as it was their first after Zayn’s exit, now it can be said that it might be their last too. Many reports are flooding with the news that the band is splitting up but none of them stand to be true as the band members are parting ways just for a year. After topping the music charts with their all albums, the fans of the band are surely going to be shocked with this latest news of the band going on a break. It will surely be interesting to see which solo albums do members Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Niall Horan come up with.

Many are predicting that the band is going for a permanent split, but news mills suggest otherwise. It seems like after Zayn Malik going ahead with his solo career, the other band members are also following the suite.

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