Psychological Thriller Berlin Syndrome Is All Set To Release In India!

Berlin Syndrome

From the award-winning director of Lore and Somersault, Cate Shortland’s third feature film ‘Berlin Syndrome’, a psychological thriller starring Teresa Palmer (Hacksaw Ridge), Max Riemelt (Sense 8) has now been cleared to release in India on July 28, 2017.

Based on Melanie Joosten’s book Berlin Syndrome, Shortland’s film was written by Shaun Grant, who co-wrote Justin Kurzel’s Snowtown. Berlin Syndrome is a cautionary tale about love and the desperate measures people go to get it and keep it. It’s essentially a very dark love story that explores obsession and the loneliness that can be found both in a foreign city full of strangers and in an apartment shared by two people. It’s an exciting, intoxicating, claustrophobic thriller that will ultimately make us all question decisions we’ve made and wonder who we can trust.

Berlin Syndrome is a thriller- horror, tracing the steps to one of the biggest psychological drama in modern times. The film shows woman in circumstances outside her control, and plunged into a situation where the power dynamics of gender are made clear. The film had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this year. After competing in the Sundance and Berlin International Film Festivals during early part of the year, the film was very widely released by Entertainment One in Australia and Vertical Entertainment in North America. In India the film is being released by Impact Films.

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Talking about the India release, Distributor, Producer & Director Ashwani Sharma, Impact Films, said, ”Berlin Syndrome is from the festival circuit, by award winning director, Cate Shortland. It is a very hard hitting film which lingered on my mind the first time I watched it. Indian audience now has an appetite for a wider variety of films. While we have western blockbusters and studio led films, Indie too is creating its space gradually. In the coming years India should become an important territory for Hollywood films. We have cleared the censorship process and the film will hit the theatres on 28th July.”

The film will release in India with ‘A’ certification and the runtime is 116 minutes approximately. The title of the book/film has reference to the tern ‘Stockholm Syndrome”, a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity which is explored in the film to a large extant.

The 33 year old actor Max Riemelt, best known for his portrayal of the character Wolfgang Bogdanow in the Netfix series Sense8 was chosen from a shortlist of ten male actors as the director, Cate Shortland felt that he best carried the lack of shame that a true sociopath would display.

With award winning talent- cast and crew associated with the film, Berlin Syndrome is sure to excite the Indian audience.

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