How Rihanna Opened Up About Chris Brown Will Touch You!


Hollywood pop star Rihanna shined in the recent Vanity Fair issue where the 27-year-old beauty opened up about a lot of things about her personal life. From her diet to her first audition, to her rollercoaster relationship with singer Chris Brown, Rihanna showed us the side of her that not many knew before. Everyone knows about the turmoil in her and Chris Brown’s relationship where the ‘Look At Me Now’ singer allegedly punched her in the face. Since then, she has very rarely opened up about her relationship with Brown.

In the recent interview the ‘Diamonds‘ singer stated that she made a big mistake by getting back with Chris Brown after the assault. Rihanna says she thought she could change Chris, and that she was just a girl. But the singer didn’t shy away from acknowledging her past and stated that she does not hate Chris Brown, in fact she still cares about him and always will. Even though they both don’t share any bond now, the care will always be there.

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Rihanna further talked about the image people have of her, and how different her life actually is. The Barbadian beauty thinks that people know her as this wild carefree girl who parties around America, but in fact she likes to spend her free time watching TV and doing nothing else. She quite frankly even accepted that sometimes it gets lonely, but her works keeps her busy.

After her relationship with Chris Brown ended, Rihanna has been linked with people like rapper Drake, actor Leonardo Di Caprio and recently Travis Scott. So much so that people even claimed she was having an affair with rapper Jay Z. All these rumours make the ‘Umbrella’ singer all the more cautious about who she dates, and she usually prefers to not indulge with anyone unless she knows them thoroughly. Well surely living life like a superstar isn’t easy, and we commend Rihanna for opening up to her fans like this!