Sherlock Holmes Turns Ninety Three On Screen

sherru [tps_footer]Playing the maverick detective sniffing out clues at weirdest places known to common man, Sherlock Holmes is nothing less than an enigma.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created a majestic man who everyone wants to impersonate at least and for them age is no bar. That’s why seventy five year old actor Ian McKellen will soon be seen sprinting from one lane to another looking for clues in Oscar winning director Bill Condon’s Mr. Holmes.

Unlike every Holmes story, this film is not based on Doyle’s stories but on a 2005 novel named A Slight Trick of The Mind. Holmes here is haunted by a case he couldn’t solve fifty years ago. He is reminded of a few fragments of what had happened then. He is no longer agile and his powerful mind is fast waning.

However, the biggest blow is he no longer enjoys the company of his trusted aide Dr. Watson. Thus, this case has become his life’s biggest whammy.

It will be interesting to see with his best assets failing him, how will our beloved detective nab the culprit in this fifty year old case? Or worse still, is the culprit even alive?[/tps_footer]

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