Spectre Final Trailer: James Bond Meets His Nemesis


James-BondThe final official trailer for the much awaited James Bond movie ‘Spectre’ has finally released. The short trailer released by Sony Entertainment gives us a glimpse of the action packed thrilling sequences that await us on November 20, 2015. This will be Daniel Craig’s final film as the James Bond, and thus the anticipation has risen all the more.

The film also features an impressive cast of ‘Inglorious Bastards’ star Christoph Waltz, the very famous Voldemort actor Ralph Fiennes, BBC Sherlock’s Moriarty Andrew Scott, WWE star Dave Bautista and actresses Lea Seydoux and Monica Bellucci. So basically it looks like all the bad guys from different movies have come together to become James Bond’s nightmare. Or is there a twist? We’ll see when the film releases.

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The final trailer has done its job to remind the audiences that this installment will be bigger and better. Which was once again proved few days ago when the crew of ‘Spectre’ revealed that cars worth a whooping amount of 24 million Euros were destroyed while making the film. The recently released videos showing the making of the film sees how highly expensive luxury cars like Aston Martin and Jaguar have been crashed during the shoot.

Spectre’ is the fourth installment in the series of Bond films where actor Daniel Craig plays the role of James Bond. Releasing on November 20 is one of the most anticipated action films of 2015, ‘Spectre’ also known as Bond 24. The action thriller is based on the story of a British secret service whose ace spy, Mr. James Bond solves impossible cases that involve near death experience action sequences. It’s all a matter of perspective in this one, whether James Bond kills or gets killed!