Who Taught Nicole Kidman Gully Cricket?


Hollywood actor Nicole Kidman gave cricket a shot while shooting for her upcoming film Lion in India. While the actress effortlessly bowls over fans and audiences with her on-screen and red-carpet appearances, cricket, we hear, was a different ball game altogether. Kidman, who worked extensively with 6-year-old actor Sunny Pawar, bonded with cricket with the first-time actor, who didn’t speak English.

As much as in India, Cricket is big even in Australia which made Sunny start teaching Kidman gully cricket in between the shoot and the director who shot some of these moments also ended up using the shots in the film.

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When asked Nicole Kidman, she said “My throw is terrible and Sunny would laugh at me, which was endearing,” Kidman says while adding “Sunny is this little light and he makes the huge story leap very believable from small Saroo to big Saroo.”

The child Saroo is played by Sunny Pawar who was the chosen one after an extensive search throughout India.