Tori Spelling Finally Gets Her Voice Back And Can Be Honest

tori spelling mainIts been almost six months now since the story that Tori Spelling’s husband, Dean McDermott has cheated on her with a twenty eight year old woman named Emily Goodhand on a business trip in Toronto.

Tori Spelling admits that her husband and she have not had sex since the scandal broke and that since being released from rehab, McDermott sometimes stays at the family home, at the discretion of Spelling. During the stress of her marriage problems Tori has lost a lot of weight and is said to be suffering with insomnia and headaches.

“We’re parenting and figuring out if there is any relationship to be saved. I have no idea. Whichever way my marriage goes, though, I finally have my voice back and can be honest. We’ll see what happens.” admits an emotional Spelling.

Tori Spelling has opened up in the about the precarious state of her marriage and why she decided to film her new Lifetime Reality Series, True Tori, which follows her and husband Dean McDermott’s couples therapy sessions. It is an unflinching and blisteringly honest peek into their fractured relationship and many friends questioned the wisdom in doing it.

True Tori is set to debut later this month and in a new clip from the show, Dean is shown confessing his infidelity. Tori’s reaction to this is emotional, as she believes she may be to blame.

Tori Spelling is a quintessence of divorce and remarriage. She was first married to Charlie Shanian in a lush wedding ceremony, with whom she spent barely a couple of years and opted for divorce in October 2005 to get remarried to Dean McDermott in 2006. Since then, they have lived like love birds until late 2013, things turned out to be that Tori Spelling might be getting divorced soon.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have four children together, Liam who is seven, Stella is five, Hattie is two years old and Finn is twenty months old.

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