Watch: Know Why Donald Trump Wants Kanye West As Vice President!


Looks like Donald Trump is adamant on making headlines every other day and this time it includes another one of the persons who loves to be the talk of the town. We are talking about none other than American rapper Kanye West. Businessman turned policitian Donald Trump who is currently running for Presidency in North America, was invited to Jimmy Fallon‘s ‘The Tonight Show‘, and what he said about Kanye West will surely tickle your funny bone.

The act opened with Jimmy Fallon dressed up as a much leaner version of Donald Trump who was ready to interview himself in the mirror with the real Donald Trump as the reflection. With casual remarks about his obsession with his hair and the word ‘HUGE’, the hilarious interview led towards a question where Fallon asked Trump if Gary Busey would be his Vice President, in case he wins. To which Donald Trump gave a very interesting answer, and ended up saying he is considering Kanye West to be his VP! Yes you read it right.

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Trump very bluntly stated, “Look, I love Gary. He’s fantastic, but more of a Supreme Court Justice, in my opinion. Vice President is a very serious job, so I’m probably going to go with somebody else. I would say maybe Kanye West.” Now we’re not sure if he was kidding or was he serious, but we’re taking a leap of faith and considering it to be nothing more than a punchline meant for the show.

Kanye West had earlier broken the Internet when the rapper announced his wish to run for Presidency in the year 2020. His on and off remarks about current US President Barack Obama have also been one of the highlights in social media. Setting the tongues wagging and upsetting the public in general is something Donald Trump and Kanye West both have in common, so it won’t be a surprise if we see the duo connected to each other politically sooner or later. Watch the episode here and let us know what you think!

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