Zac Efron Bought A New Phone For His Fan After His Phone Got Shattered!

Zac-Eforn-Broken-Cellphone[tps_footer]Usually, we get to see how fans go crazy in love for their favorite stars and less number of times we have seen stars going out of their way to do something good for their die hard fans. Well, there are some celebs who are so rude and stay on cloud 9, some at 12 and 13 also, but still there are many successful artists on this planet who still stay grounded and are really humble and sweet. Our sweetheart Zac Efron is one of the stars who are not just loved for their good looks, talent but also for their good heart.


Zac came across his big die hard fan who kept chasing his car to get a video of him and unfortunately that fan broke his phone in that chase and Zac didn’t avoid this. See what he did.

Ahmed Ture, the die hard fan who was chasing Zac, revealed he had shattered his phone during his mission to film a video with Efron on the set of his new Baywatch remake film in an Instagram post on. He had been chasing after Zac‘s car at the time, and once the star saw what had happened, he pulled over to and asked Mr Ture what had happened.

Zac said, “Dude did your phone just break?” Mr Ture wrote in the post. He went on to reveal that Zac had offered to purchase him a replacement phone that retails at $A1246.

Zac said, he admired the effort Mr Ture went to meet him. “This is what I love about my fans – when they get excited… To all my fans out there holdin it down – love and respect,” he wrote. “And be careful with your phones.” haha..

Mr Ture said that Zac Efron had also invited him to visit the set of the film and this is what he posted to show his gratitude for Zac‘s sweet gesture, “Brother you have a heart, there is definitely a reason as to why you are who you are… You don’t understand how this meant so much to me bro,”


Proud to be your fan Zac Efron ! It’s so good to see especially the young generation of actors and artists worldwide gaining so much of success and love and so much more on this planet and still manage to be so simple at heart and Zac certainly knows how to bring a smile on the face of his well wishers, fans and loved ones.

Good luck for Baywatch and all your future projects ![/tps_footer]

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