Film Review: Chal Bhaag – Oh My God, Not Again!!

Chal Bhaag Main coverChal Bhaag is a story of three small time crooks, Munna Supari (Deepak Dobriyal), Bunty Chor (Tarun Bajaj) and Daler Singh (Varun Mehra) who find themselves framed in an MLA murder case amidst corrupt cops, errant bullets, looking for unsuspecting victims to set up a fake encounter.

Set in the lanes of Delhi, Chal Bhaag traces the cat and mouse game between the cops and the trio. From the word go, the film has nothing to offer.

The entire project has been put together in a hurry. Guess the director, to the writer, to the producer, took the title of the film Chal Bhaag too seriously, and have just got together a film in a hurry.

What’s disappointing about Chal Bhaag is its end, as it just ends abruptly. Guess the writer got tired of writing, and just stopped or the director just decided to end the film.

Chal Bhaag is mainly an outdoor film but what’s shocking is the way the director has handled it. The Hawkers and eager tourists stare into the camera in crowded market places something that looks very out of place. It seems they are actually wanting the film being shot, rather than being the part of the set-up making the entire frame look fake and unbelievable.

Deepak Dobriyal as Munna Supari literally carries the entire film on his shoulders. New comers Varun Mehra, Tarun Bajaj and Kiya Khanna fail to deliver.

Senior actors like Sanjay Mishra, Yashpal Sharma and Mukesh Tiwari perform only as much as required but then they hardly have anything to do in the film and look wasted.

Chal Bhaag has no screenplay, amateur production design, childish dialogues and useless item songs, which play out as and when they want.

To come across a film with so many talented actors is amazing, but to see all of them being wasted is tragedy. But yes, you ought to be brave to sit through this torture because this one tests your patience.

Guess its time we all wake-up, smell the coffee and start working on scripts rather than just putting a project together.

Chal Bhaag can clearly be avoided. Watch it if you still want to, but then at your own risk.

Ratings: *

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