Film Review: Fugly – Ugly More Than Fugly

Fugly Main coverIts confused, its very over the top and its very copy of a lot of films. Well we are talking about Kabir Sadanand’s Fugly.

Kabir Sadanand is a writers delight cause he has let the writing team just copy and copy. From Dil Chahta Hai to Shaitan, Fukrey to Rang De Basanti, Fugly is just a cut paste job of scenes from all these four films.

What’s disappointing about Fugly is the lack of detailing and the way the entire film has been put together. The four kids represent today’s youth and one look at them and anyone can say that today’s youth is far away from the ones projected is Fugly. They do not behave like them neither so they talk like them. Guess the writer has some vague precipitation of today’s youth in mind.

If this was not enough, the character of Chautala (Jimmy Shergill) is as thin and fake as cardboard. With a fake moustache and even more fake body language this one can be one of Jimmy Shergil’s worst performances.

Of the four friends, we have Dev (Mohit Marwah), the strong and brooding type who runs adventure camps for foreign tourists in Leh; then comes Devi (Kiara Advani) who is very wanna be; Aditya (Arfi Lamba) a very regular loser type of a guy and last and thank god the least Gaurav (Vijender Singh) who loves to throw his wright around.

The gang of four is just all over the place with no detailing what so ever done on their characterisations. The characters are poorly etched, with no story, amateurish screenplay and as far as performances go, well lets not get there.

Mohit Marwah and Kiara Advani are very disappointing; Vijender Singh is not bad as he has a good screen presence but its Arfi Lamba who stands out in the film, as he is the only one who can act.

All in all, a piece of advice to all, wait for next week, save up your monies and watch Humshaklas instead.

Ratings: *

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