Film Review: Purani Jeans – Torturous, Juvenile And Cliche

purani jeans mainPurani Jeans had everything right; from locales to music to setting; only if there was a SCRIPT things would have been different.

Its sad that in Bollywood every aspect of film making is given importance except for the SCRIPT that probably is the backbone of the very existence of a project.

Purani Jeans stays true to this name; Purani means old and hence the film is nothing more than a bunch of cliches that are unbearable. Purani Jeans is a story of a bunch of friends from Kasauli, a love triangle that is hardly a triangle and some melodramatic scenes.

Sidharth (Tanuj Virwani) and Samuel (Aditya Seal) are best friends with different ambitions and likings. Their paths cross when they both fall in love with the same girl; Nayantara (Izabelle Leite). Sidharth is a fatherless kid and his loving mom (Rati Agnihotri) who dreams of sending him to abroad and Samuel has an alcoholic mother Sherry (Sarika) and a stepfather (Rajat Kapoor). Sarika‘s character of a drunken mother to Aditya is not only awkward but also unnecessary.

Out of the three, Aditya Seal is impresses with his performance as a guy who thinks none loves him, Tanuj Virwani looks confused and Izabelle Leite is just there to look pretty, there is nothing more to the girl.

Purani Jeans is a bad attempt to display the emotions of friendship and love in its true sense. If that’s not enough you will have to go through this cinematic ordeal where you have scenes after scenes that look lifted straight out of movies that you would have seen.

You should rather sit home and watch television than to go and watch this film, as it has nothing unique to catch one’s attention.

However, the only saving grace of the film is its music, which holds the film together. The direction is all over the place and it makes me really wonder how can someone direct such a shoddy film.

Ratings: *

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