Film Review: Unforgettable – Best Forgotten

unforgatable mainUnforgettable is a musical love story revolving around three characters essayed by Iqbal Khan, Alka Verma and Hazel Crowney set in the picturesque locales of UAE that gives us an inside view of Sheikh Mohammed’s world famous stables, Godolphin where the horses are fed with dry fruits and a special grass imported from America.

Unforgettable is a love story with the underlying conflict within itself. The film is about the classic choice between First Love and Soul Mate that we all need to make in our lives at some point of time or the other.

Iqbal Khan essays the role of a car racer who is seen to lose his eyesight post a race show. The story revolves around a love triangle, which looks like a square or a line, but not a triangle for sure.

Written and directed by Arshad Yusuf Pathan, this film has little to offer other than it’s picturesque UAE setting. The only good thing about the film are the locations.

Unforgettable is totally devoid of logic with no plot, no screenplay and no dialogues. Ideally the music of the film should have been very good considering the fact that Unforgettable was a love story but sadly the music of the film is a joke. The compositions are too pedestrian to qualify as musical.

Performances are below average and the cast is directed with an inexplicable lack of sophistication, accompanied by strands of ancient background music that seems to have been scored for a silent film. Character lines rarely sync with their lip movement and shots are cut mid-dialogue to leave viewers reeling with an amateur student film syndrome.

Just before the release of his film, Iqbal Khan stated, “I have done my bit. I haven’t seen the final print, but I am not nervous.”

Trust us, we got nervous seeing the film. Best don’t dare to see this as it would be an Unforgettable experience.

Ratings: *1/2

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