Film Review: Yeh Hai Bakrapur – Try And Catch This One

bakrapur COVER Its fun, its humorous and its though provoking, well we are talking about Janaki Vishwanathan‘s Yeh Hai Bakrapur, which is a socio-political satire that deals with issues of rural India.

The story is all about the Qureshi Family who decide to sell their goat that they lovingly call Shahrukh as they need money. The boy of the family, Zulfi is upset and heart broken, as Shahrukh is his best friend.

In walks the solutions man; Zaffer (Anshuman Jha) who decides to help Zulfi in saving Shahrukh from being sold. Zaffer’s (Anshuman Jha) vision turns things around for the Qureshi Family and Shahrukh becomes a overnight superstar. But then begins the politics of religion, horrors of blind faith and the lust for money.

Yeh Hai Bakrapur is a high value concept film that deals with reality in a tongue and cheek manner. The village has been beautifully captured on celluloid and has some brilliant performances.

Yeh Hai Bakrapur largely belongs to both Zulfi and Zaffer. The two actors that stand out in the film are Anshuman Jha and Suruchi Aulakh who leave an impression on to you.

Yeh Hai Bakrapur is a huge led down with it comes to its technicalities. Some scenes which could have been given more screen time are chopped mid-way while others just go on and on; something that’s a major put off.

Janaki Vishwanathan also falls flat with her story telling. Its falls flat and is often repetitive. The communal chaos offers no resolution either. Agnee does a fantastic job at putting together a great sound track for the film, but when it comes to lyrics, you will either find it entertaining or trying too hard to be different.

At the end of it, Yeh Hai Bakrapur has its moments that will make you smile and also will shall manage to get tears in your eyes. Try and catch this one is you have the time.

Ratings: ** 1/2

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