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Saqib Saleem Learns Kathak Dance For His Next

Saqib Saleem bears a lean fit body a mark of machismo and attempting a character of Kathak dancer was completely off beat for him.

Saqib Saleem Locks Himself In His House For His Next Dobaara:...

Saqib Saleem who has always been known for his consistent good performances on screen is all set to make his debut in the horror genre with his next

Saqib Saleem And Huma Qureshi Never Rehearsed Together For Dobaara

It’s a tricky situation for any real life siblings working together professionally. But in the case of actors and siblings, Saqib Saleem and Huma Qureshi

Saqib Saleem Encountered Eerie Feeling While Shooting For Dobaara

Saqib Saleem's movie Dobaara's trailer released yesterday and received a lot of appreciation so far from the audience.