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Emily Blunt Watched This TV Series To Prep For Her Role...

Emily Blunt has watched American TV series ‘Intervention’ to prep for her character as an alcoholic in ‘The Girl on the Train’.

Why The Girl On The Train Has Slow Motion Shots!!

Emily Blunt is all set to play an alcoholic in her upcoming film ' The Girl on the Train'.

The Most Challenging Sequence From The Girl On The Train!

Its ecumenical that 'The Girl on the Train' is one of the most beautiful psychological mystery thriller novel written.

‘The Devil Wears Prada’ Actress Emily Blunt To Play An Alcoholic...

Emily Blunt's role in ‘The Devil wears Prada’ is remembered till today as she drew rave reviews for the same.

And George Clooney Is a Husband Now!

It still hasn’t sunk in and we are sure even George Clooney will agree to that. The most eligible bachelor of the world perhaps, is bachelore no more.

Photos: Tom Cruise Promotes Edge Of Tomorrow To Three Cities In...

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are pushing their own limits to promote their latest movie Edge Of Tomorrow.

Emily Blunt In Race For ‘Avengers’ Sequel

Actress Emily Blunt is tipped to star in "The Avengers" sequel.