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‘Singh Saab The Great’ Sunny Deol Joins CID

Punjab da munda Sunny Deol is back in Bollywood with a bang, and is not stopping just at that; the star is doing some...

FIRST LOOK LAUNCH: ‘I Love NY (New Year)’ With Kangna Ranaut,...

Bollywood stars Kangna Ranaut and Sunny Deol have a confession to make: they both love New Year! Spotted at the first look launch of the upcoming film ‘I Love NY (New Year)’ at Cinemax Mumbai, Sunny and Kangana let us in on their common secret.

TRAILER: ‘I Love New Year’ Featuring Sunny Deol, Kangna Ranaut

'I Love New Year' is a romantic comedy featuring 56 year old Sunny Deol and 25 year old Kangna Ranaut.