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Salman Khan Is Not Returning Any Favors: Preity Zinta

Actor Salman Khan, who shakes a leg with Preity Zinta in her debut production "Ishkq In Paris", is not returning any favors by performing the cameo, says the actress.

FIRST LOOK: Salman Khan’s Dashing Cameo In Preity Zinta’s ‘Ishhq In...

Check out the glimpses from "Kudiye di kurti", a song from Preity Zinta's debut production "Ishkq In Paris".

Paparazzi ‘Assault’ Twists Preity Zinta’s Ankle

Actress Preity Zinta says she was greeted by "the shock of 40 camera flashes" when she arrived at the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport and ended up twisting her ankle due to the paparazzi's attempt to photograph her.