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‘English Vinglish’ – A Life-Changing Experience, Hats Off To Sridevi And...

There are no villains in "English Vinglish". Only imperfect human beings like you and I, who make that common error of taking loved ones for granted.

French Superstar Mehdi Nebbou To Direct Sridevi

French superstar Mehdi Nebbou who is regarded as one of the most accomplished star-actors in Europe, seems to be completely besotted by his co-star Sridevi in English Vinglish.

French Actor Becomes A Big Sridevi Fan After ‘English Vinglish’

Sridevi's co-star the French actor Mehdi Nebbou has apparently become a big Sri fan after working with her. And we aren't talking about just being her fan as an actress. Apparently Mehdi found her reticence and quietude very charming.