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Subrata Roy Still Fighting For Freedom

The Supreme Court has rejected the plea by Sahara Chief Subrata Roy challenging its March 04, 2014 order sending him to judicial custody.

Subrata Roy And Sahara Group Have A Plan B

Sahara Group submitted a fresh proposal to the Supreme Court to secure the release of its Chief Subrata Roy and two directors.

Subrata Roy Sill In Custody

The Supreme Court said it was willing to unfreeze the bank accounts of Subrata Roy and allow him to raise monies for getting bail.

Subrata Roy Still In Jail; The Supreme Court Rejects House Arrest...

The Supreme Court, rejected a request by the Sahara Group to release Subrata Roy from jail and keep him in house arrest to facilitate collection of money.

Subrata Roy Withdraws His Bail Proposal

Subrata Roy, who is in judicial custody March 04, 2014 has withdrawn the proposal he had submitted on April 03, 2014 for modifying his bail conditions.

Subrata Roy Unable To Pay For His Bail; Remains In Custody

Sahara Group have expressed its inability before the Supreme Court pay Rs 10,000 crore for securing bail of its chief Subrata Roy and its two directors.

Subrata Roy Is A Free Man; With Conditions Applied

Subrata Roy, the Sahara Group has promised to pay Rs 20,000 crore in tranches by March 31, 2015 to market regulator Securities and Exchange Board Of India.