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Know Which Actor Is Missing Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is one gem of a person. People not only adore his dedication and success but also like the kind of person he is.

Shah Rukh Khan’s latest Tweet Is So Cute Than We Can’t...

The ‘King Of Romance’ is becoming even more lovable thanks to his latest tweet.

Raj Kundra Targets Shah Rukh Khan On Twitter

Shah Rukh Khan who is also known for his over the top controversies time and again, has yet again landed himself in some twitter trouble.

Shah Rukh Khan Lashes Out In Anger Asks People To Stop The...

Shah Rukh Khan is known to be an active used of Twitter. The star often shares pictures, updates, news and his opinions with his fans on his official account.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Reply To People Cussing On His Twitter Timeline

Bollywood's King Khan Shah Rukh Khan let the people cussing him on his Twitter timeline have a piece of his mind.