Ali Asgar Reveals Why He Quit The Kapil Sharma Show, Is He Planning A Comeback?

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After leaving The Kapil Sharma Show, Ali Asgar might work again with Kapil Sharma!

The mid air brawl between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover is known to all. It is also known how badly it affected The Kapil Sharma Show. Important stars like Sunil, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar left, leaving the show with dropping TRPs.

It was assumed that Ali and Chandan had left the show to support Sunil. While Chandan is back on the show, Ali has joined Kapil’s rival Krushna Abhishek’s show. Ali Asgar is now a part of a comedy show named ‘Drama Company’.

In a conversation with TOI, Asgar revealed the real reason for leaving Kapil’s show. He said, “I was not happy with the way my character shaped up, it had no definition. I felt people at some point would get bored watching me play grandmother and I had to do something else. I would get little to do in the last few minutes of the episode. In the last over of a match, when two balls are remaining and you ask the batsman to hit 12 runs, how is that possible?

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Explaining the misunderstanding that took place, he said, ”I continued with it for a year and then I decided to plan my exit. Around that time, the unfortunate incident on the flight from Australia happened, which further fuelled the exit.”

When he was asked if he would ever work again with Kapil, he said, ”Maine koi kasam nahi khayi uske saath nai kaam karne ki (I have not sworn that I would never work with him). He was the captain of the ship where I used to work. That project did not work out, that’s it.”

Does that mean that we might get to see Ali Asgar and Kapil Sharma working together in the future? We leave that on our readers to decide!

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