Bigg Boss 10, 1st December 2016 Highlights: Priyanka Jagga Instigates Manveer Against Manu, Om Swami Continues With His Drama!


Bigg Boss 10 housemates begin their day with the luxury budget task. Bani, Rahul start cycling in order to get water in the house for everyone. Later gong rings and one of the housemates had to empties the test tube in the captaincy task. After much of argument, Lopa empties Mona’s test tube that she had. Mona gets out of the race from the captaincy task.

For the task, the contestants will have a test tube of the other contestant and after each gong; one contestant’s test tube has to be emptied by the contestant. The person holding the test tube till the end will win the captaincy task.

Later housemates argument and question supervisor Priyanka Jagga’s responsibility to get things done right. Lopa, Nitibha get into argument with Priyanka Jagga for not doing her duty right and that she did not ask nominated contestants to cycle in order to get gas for cooking. On the other hand, nominated contestants complaint of being tired of cycling for the luxury budget task. After too much argument and discussion, luxury budget task comes to an end. Bigg Boss announced that luxury budget task is over and that Priyanka Jagga failed to supervise the task properly. As Priyanka failed to do her supervising duty properly, Bigg Boss announced that she can’t be the contender for the captaincy task.

As the day proceeds, Om Swami, Nitibha, and Manveer chill out in the garden area and that’s when Om Swami breaks down saying that Priyanka Jagga does not consider him as a father. On his reaction, Manu and Manveer laugh out loud. Priyanka tires to talk to Om Swami but he avoids that leaves her upset.

Again gongs rings and housemates get into argument on who will empty the test tube. Mona Lisa and Manveer get into argument over the same Later Nitibha empties Lopa’s test tube and reasons of giving fair chance to others to become captain. Post that, Manu, Manveer and Mona get into argument in the garden area over the captaincy task.

Mona Lisa has Gaurav’s test tube with her while Gaurav has Manu’s test tube. Monalisa has Gaurav’s test tube and Manveer is asked her to throw it. However, Mona does not want to do it as she thinks Gaurav will then throw away Manu’s test tube. This leads to an argument between Monalisa and Manveer. Mona gets trapped between Manu and Manveer’s argument and breaks down. She cries alone and wishes to go back home.

Manu tries to sort the things and the trio ends their fight. Later, Manu and Priyanka Jagga get into argument as they discuss that how if Gaurav’s test tube is emptied, he can too be out of the captaincy task. Priyanka tries to instigate Manveer saying that Manu and Mona are playing the game with him and that he should understand it at the right time.

The drama does not end there, there’s a lot coming in tomorrow’s episode and the captaincy task will be played between Gaurav and Manveer Gurjar.